2D Artwork

3D Artwork


The soundtrack for Hearth, a doll's quest for warmth in a cold cabin diorama.

Hearth Song

The soundtrack for Reunion, an awkward conversation between two old acquaintances.

Chance Encounter

Sour Encounter

Tense Encounter

The soundtrack for Milk, a surreal climb up the mysterious Milk Mountain.


mountain village


boulderman encounter

A soundtrack for a hypothetical fantasy rpg in a cold northern land

Buried in the Snow (Highpoint Village)

Warm (Her Theme)

Mad (The Apothecary)

Northern Battle

Loss (Game Over)

Old Tale (Cutscene)

One-Stop (Shop)

A soundtrack for a hypothetical platformer across multiple zones

Jungle Act 1

Jungle Act 2

Train Act 1

Train Act 2

Main Theme